DiAthlete 100

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting DiAthlete, Gavin Griffiths.
Gavin was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes when he was eight years old, back in 2000. Like all of us, he has faced numerous challenges over the years with managing his condition. He founded Diathlete with the vision to spread awareness and provide education on living with type 1.

Over the years Gavin has raised in excess of £25,000 through completing various endurance challenges.


His most recent challenge was to complete 25 marathons in one month. Yes you read that right, 25 MARATHONS IN ONE MONTH!! Completing the challenge would mean that Gavin would have completed 100 endurance challenges, hence the #diathlete100

Most people would not be able to run one marathon in their lifetime, let alone 25, in one month, and with type 1 Diabetes. What a hero!

Marathon 24 saw Gavin in Southend-on-Sea and I was super excited to get out and support him.


The day was a huge success and a number of type 1 families came out, despite the rain, to cheer Gavin on. The run took place in and around the local area and the kids had great fun joining in along the way.

After finishing the run Gavin took some time to speak with the families about his experiences of living with Type 1. It was amazing to sit back and listen to him talk about everything he has achieved so far. The work he does is truly phenomenal and so important for the type 1 community.


DiAthlete’s mission is to educate, encourage and empower. It is safe to say that from what I have seen over the last month, this has so far been a success!

Congratulations Gavin,  you are a real #t1dhero and I am completely in awe of you! Thank you for everything you do, keep up the good work.


If you would like to join me in supporting Gavin and the DiAthlete brand, please go and visit the just giving page to make a donation, every penny really does count, www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/diathlete100 

H 💙

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