Urghh, yesterday was a bad day!! I’d had a super busy week (hence the lack of posts) and I decided to go out on Friday night and treat myself with the girls from work.

We had a great time; eating good food, drinking good wine and having a good girlie gossip. Now I tend not to drink very much anymore so when I do, it hits me hard. My journey home from the city wasn’t too bad and I didn’t feel like I was in that much of a bad way. Oh how wrong I was…

I don’t know about you, but when I have a night out drinking I really struggle to sleep. I always have awful nightmares and wake up repeatedly in a panic. So when the next morning comes around, not only am I hungover, I am also exceptionally tired. This Saturday was no different.

I had to wake up around 10am as I had a nail appointment booked in and couldn’t afford to miss it. Although I felt absolutely disgusting, I dragged myself out of bed knowing I would only be away from it for just over an hour. It was definitely worth it and my nails now look great again.


I grabbed a McDonald’s on the way home as I was so desperately hungry. I’ve been trying really hard to eat well these past few weeks but yesterday I literally did not care, and the chicken nuggets were calling!! You can imagine though how much I struggled trying to figure out my insulin dose with a mushed brain. Mathematical equations and hangovers do not go well together.

When I got home I had every intention of writing a post. But that was an epic fail. I felt sick and drained and I couldn’t focus on anything. Probably not the best state to be in when trying to compose a meaningful blog… In the end I gave in to the overwhelming feeling of tiredness, curled up under the covers and shut my eyes. Three whole hours later I woke up hot and sweaty, longing for sugar.

As we all know, alcohol does wonderful things to our bodies and being diabetic means we feel these effects more. Yay, something else to add to the list. Alcohol stops the liver from turning protein into glucose and therefore, after a night of drinking, your blood sugars tend to drop quite significantly. This is why I will ALWAYS eat when I know I am going out drinking. In most cases as well, I lower my insulin intake for the following 24 hours to allow my body to recover and avoid having too many hypos.

Yesterday wasn’t so bad as I’d had a good meal whilst out the night before and then spent pretty much the whole day in bed. I did have a few blips but my levels weren’t scarily low, it was more a case of just feeling really weak and tired, hence the sugar craving. For me, there is nothing better to fix this issue than a nice big cup of sugary tea! And that’s exactly what I did, I sat around feeling sorry for myself, drinking tea all day.


That tea literally felt like it was saving my life with every warm, sweet sip!

Thankfully, today has been much better. I feel alive again and refreshed. I’ve been to the gym, done some washing and generally had a tidy up in the house. It’s nice to feel normal again after feeling so crappy for a day (self inflicted I know so I’m not looking for sympathy).

Despite the awfulness of contending with a hangover, it’s really important that we go out and enjoy ourselves once in a while. Diabetes is a really tough thing to manage every day and it’s good to let our hair down and do normal things. However, it is at the same time really important that we know the effects these things have on our bodies. As diabetics we can still lead very normal lives but there are an extra few precautions we have to take to ensure that we keep ourselves safe. And, after all, that is the absolute most important thing!

H 💙

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