High as a kite

I absolutely HATE having high blood sugars! Although the associated feelings are far less intrusive than those you get from a hypo, it just makes you feel so disgustingly drained.

I personally get over tired, exceptionally thirsty and suffer with the worst headaches. This was how I spent my day on Tuesday. Although, to be fair, it was totally my own fault…

I had an extra day off of work following the bank holiday, so I was out of my normal routine. Although I still cant be certain, I am pretty sure that I forgot to take my morning Levemir. This has happened to me once or twice before and I have a total mind block. Usually I remember exactly when and how I do my insulin and can associate it with other things I was doing at the time. This is mostly because I do it at pretty much the same time every day, in the same place, whilst doing the same things.

However, on Tuesday I got up slightly later than usual, got ready and had breakfast. I was then in a rush to get out and it suddenly hit me that I couldn’t remember actually giving my dose. I told myself I was 95% sure that I hadn’t given it and considered having it there and then. Yet I decided that the 5% of uncertainty wasn’t enough to risk maybe having a double dose.


I carried on my day as normal and decided that I would manage the situation by closely monitoring my glucose levels throughout the afternoon. It’s safe to say that I was right in thinking I hadn’t taken my insulin. My levels soared all day and I really struggled to get them under control, even using correction doses of rapid every few hours.

I felt exhausted and miserable, struggling to stay awake. I wished for the day to be over so I could go to bed and wake up fresh, rid of the horrible feelings that come with hyperglycemia.

It’s not very often that things like this happen to me. I am proud that I generally manage to keep my diabetes under control on a daily basis and have a consistent a1c. Being in a situation like this makes me angry. I get frustrated with myself and question if I am really doing a good job or not.

The thing to take from this is that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has moments of forgetfulness and stupidity. Everyone has times when things go wrong. But that’s normal. We are human and we are not perfect. No matter how hard we try there will always be times when we cant get things right. AND THAT IS OK!

Keep strong, keep fighting and always have faith in yourself. You are doing a great job!

H 💙


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