Diabetes Awareness Week

Next week is Diabetes Awareness Week across the UK, a seven day long campaign to  raise awareness and provide education. The campaign takes place every June and is fronted by Diabetes UK. This year the dates are Monday 11th June – Sunday 17th June.

The idea of the campaign is to spread awareness of the disease and to provide education and support to those who need it most. We want to eliminate the stigma that surrounds Diabetes and make it easier for everyone to talk about it. It can be tough sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Having difficult conversations about Diabetes related issues really shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Here are the links to the top tips from Diabetes UK

This year, Diabetes UK are also focusing their efforts on health care professionals, providing them with the tools they need to effectively take care of their patients. This includes advice on talking about complications, contraception and pregnancy, sexual health and mental health. While these things may not be relevant to everyone, they could at some point affect us all and it’s important to be aware of what this might mean. Tips provided to our health care professionals are:

  • Language matters – the language used can go a long way to motivating people
  • Be frank – some things are hard to talk about but need to be said
  • Make the time – use appointment time wisely/suggest other ways to keep in touch
  • Make patients comfortable – reduce interruptions from colleagues
  • Patients are more than just a number – get to know your patients and build rapport
  • Information prescriptions – information resources to support patients care plans

If you feel your doctors or nurses are falling short on any of these things, please bring it to their attention.

As Diabetics, we are being encouraged to share our tips and also any experiences of memorable conversations, either via Diabetes UK or on social media, using #TalkAboutDiabetes

Over the next week I will be sharing various posts on my social media so be sure to keep updated and check out my pages!!

H 💙

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