SEET1 Summer Event

WOW, what a busy few weeks it has been!! I, along with the rest of the SEET1 team, have been in planning mode getting ready for our annual summer event. We held the event on Saturday, 16th June, at Belchamps activity centre and it was a massive success. Over 100 people attended the event and I think it’s safe to say, on behalf of everyone, that we all had great fun!!

The kids were split into several groups and each group worked their way around a set of activities. Myself and Gary were responsible for red group and we hit the climbing wall first.
38Everyone in the group did exceptionally well and challenged themselves to climb as much as possible. I was especially proud of Lilly-Mae. She was adamant that she didn’t want to and couldn’t climb but, with a little encouragement, managed to climb a fair way up the wall.
37Green group, the group with the eldest of the children, enjoyed an hour on Jacob’s ladder. They all had a good go at trying to get as high as possible using their balancing and climbing skills all in one. Another successful activity!
41As well as the taking part in structured activities it was nice to just sit and chat, meet some new families and watch the children make some new diabuddies 🙂

We had some time doing arts and crafts later in the afternoon and made a fantastic new banner for us to display at all of our future events. The children also had a chance to sit and make buddy key rings which seemed to go down very well.
40It was also great to have a visit from our local football team, Southend United. They completed several exercises with the groups including warm up drills, skill practice and a friendly match to finish off their session. They were fantastic with the children and had everyone engaged, despite not all being fanatic football fans. On behalf of the SEET1 team, all of the children and their parents, we say a big thank you to Southend United Football Club for generously giving us their time.
42One of my favourite parts of the day was meeting Domino the dog! Domino is a service dog and came along with Archie and his family. Archie has zero hypo awareness and Domino has been trained to detect when Archie’s glucose levels are dropping.

He does this by using Archie’s scent and can detect when something’s not right from quite a distance. Seeing this first hand was amazing! An absolutely beautiful and heroic dog.

After our tea time picnic we lit our self built fire and spent some time toasting marshmallows; they were delicious!!
19To finish off the evening we joined together with the other groups at Belchamps and sat around the big camp fire singing songs. That was an interesting and particularly entertaining experience, as I’m sure some of the parents will tell you…

On the day we raised over £100 from the raffle and the SEET1 team would like to thank everyone for their continuous support! We love meeting new families and seeing everyone come together. A lot of hard work goes into the events we hold and it’s lovely to see the positive impact this has!!
H 💙

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